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Harstad – The City of Culture in the North
Population: 24,341 Area: 364 km2

Harstad is situated on Hinnøya, the largest island in Norway. It is the third largest town in northern Norway, and an important centre of commerce for the whole region. The paved market square in the town centre is only a short walk from shops and cafés. Harstad is known for its high quality restaurants and cultural events throughout the year. Several festivals are arranged, such as Bakgården, Ilios, and a Northern Norwegian Beer Festival. The annual North Norwegian Festival of Culture takes place in the last week in June, when the streets are teeming with people and music is played in pubs, churches and concert halls.
The coastal steamers arrive at the town centre pier every morning and the express boat heads north to Senja and Tromsø.
Harstad is generally sheltered from rain and wind. Forests, mountains, fjords, islands and miles of hiking trails entice you to embark upon unforgettable experiences in nature all year round.

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Welcome to Destination Harstad

- Where adventures abound!
Harstad is situated at the heart of Northern Norway, at the gateway to the Vesterålen and Lofoten islands. This is a region that offers unforgettable adventures in nature – accessible and mighty mountain landscapes, spectacular views and a unique archipelago. This is an area in which you can find a quiet place for yourself, drink clean water straight from trickling rivers, or go fishing at sea or in one of the many mountain lakes.
This brochure gives an insight into the many attractions and activities available in the area. Harstad, with its 23,640 inhabitants, has always been, and still is, an important centre of commerce and culture in the north.
Harstad lies at the centre of an exciting region;
Kvæfjord with its world-famous strawberries, and “Nupen”, voted the most romantic place in Norway from which to observe the midnight sun.
Bjarkøy, the seat of the Viking chief Tore Hund, boasts an impressive archipelago, a bird cliff and white-tailed eagles. The areas adjacent to the airport further south, Tjeldsund and Skånland, are known for their many mountain walks, white sandy beaches and beautiful fjords. Skånland even has its own beach for winter bathing. You will also find old Sami settlements here and a cultural landscape that bears witness to settlements thousands of years old.

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